The Battle of Ker

by Paul Russell

Every great journey has a beginning. There was a time before the city of Eos, before the great molar wall and even before wands…

The human world is gripped by war and trolls rule the fairies. Hunted and enslaved, fairy magic is suppressed by mighty green troll fists.

The troll world of Ker is a dangerous place for fairies and Vug’s introduction to it is rougher than most. Fairies are mysteriously disappearing and this small, unsuspecting character unknowingly holds the key to their salvation. A mystery that when answered, will change the world of Ker forever and shape Vug into the leader he becomes.

From the author of Journey to Eos and The Isle of Antu comes the final book in the series, revealing the true beginnings of their world. Step into this dark time and discover what really shaped the dawn of Eos.